About Tracey

  • Supporting Women
  • Dissolving Stress & Tension

  • Relieve chronic pain

  • Relax Body & Mind


  • Digestive wellness

  • Food sensitivities  Intolerance's

  • Environmental Issues

  • Chakra & Meridian Balances

My Story 


I've been a qualified kinesiologist and remedial massage therapist for 20 years and have a clinic in Hervey Bay. I absolutely adore working with the energy of crystals and offer an array of
crystals for sale but also use them in the clinic to help with healing. I am lucky enough to own a beautiful crystal healing bed and an array of crystals that are
magnificent and really do help me amplify the effects of treatments for my clients in Hervey Bay. 

2 years ago our 3 year old son was diagnosed with Autism and our world was turned upside down. In order to treat his Autism and give him the best chance in having a normal life we had to move to a location that offered specialty schooling for kids like Max so we left our life and my clinic in Hervey Bay and moved to Helensvale.

Now On The Gold Coast in Helensvale

Our move to the Gold Coast has prompted a transformation for my business and a beautiful new addition to the range of services I provide. I've always worked with food sensitivities but you would be amazed at how powerful the role of food is in children with ASD. I know first hand what it means to care for a child with special needs and I am achieving very positive results in the behaviour of my own child using a combination of AEIOU Schooling and Kinesiology focusing on (food & environment testing).

I am an advocate for both these programs and a massive supporter of parents of children with Autism. My own personal experience only reinforces my resolve to support the carers so that they can support the rest of the family. I can even help you treat your child by working on you. That's how powerful this type of healing can be.


Every woman is different and every symptom presents itself differently depending on your own physical, emotional and spiritual body. The imbalance you present with physically may be the result of not having your emotional or spiritual needs met or vice versa. I treat the whole person and this promotes healing of the body on many levels.

I use a range of modalities in my treatments including remedial massage, progressive kinesiology, food sensitivities, hot stone massage, reflexology, pregnancy massage, crystal and chakra healing, flower essences and I am also an intuitive healer.


I just love what I do and it gives me so much pleasure teaching women how to bring the balance back their bodies naturally. 

My business works around everything I love and am passionate about. I don’t feel like I’m at all working when I give a treatment in my business as it gives me a healing at the same time. Most clients are puzzled about this but it’s the power of healing. They
walk away feeling fabulous and so do I. So, you can see why I love what I do, it’s not work to me, I really enjoying working with that person to get their health and wellbeing up there. When you see the transformations of some of my clients and how they have come through the other side is amazing to witness.